Training: Financial Assessment

On June 21-22 took place in Bucharest the first Training of Financial Assessment of Customers and Suppliers...
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and Events

For an eight consecutive year, on May 23 2017, took place the Credit Risk Management Conference, at Marriott Hotel...
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Complete 2016 Financial Statements

On the website, under the name "Financials", you can find the following information about companies...
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New ICAP Romania branch, at Cluj

We are please to announce that due to our business expansion, we are opening a new ICAP Romania branch, at Cluj...
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Sector Studies in

WIn the new "Sector Studies" tab of online app, you will find ICAP Sector Studies in pdf format...
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ICAP Leading

ICAP Business Directories constitute a daily tool for companies in their search for potential customers and suppliers, as well as...
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Upcoming Conferences and Events
TRUE LEADERS Awards - October 25, ICAP INFO Brasov - September 2017, ICAP INFO Sibiu - November 2017
What are the most effective sales strategies?
Norela Leculete, Key Account Financial Sector within ICAP Romania explain the most effective sales strategies... Read more
ACEO / ICAP-CEO General Index
EASE/ICAP - CEO Economic Sentiment Index increased during the second quarter of 2017... Read more
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