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Client Portfolio Assessment
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Due to our expertise in Management Consulting, Credit Risk Services & Sector Studies, we developed this instrument to compare the clients among themselves or even to compare prospects to your existing clients.

Get a clear picture and deeper analysis of the quality of your Portfolio of Clients together with:

  • Assessment of the up-coming potential risk
  • Recommendations of companies to be addressed with more credit options or to get credit restrictions
  • Protect the cash-flow by identifying the potential risk involved in the relation with companies in difficulties
  • Increase sales by offering more credit options to best companies.
  • Create better business relations by identifying the best companies.
  • Negotiation power when risk bearing clients ask for credit restructuring
  • Analyze of the database from multiple perspectives: Size / Type, Status, Geographical distribution, Financial data
  • Automated Risk Rating / Matrix variation
  • Key financial ratios evolution: Operating Profit Margin, Liquidity Report, Indebtness Rate, Stock Rotation, Days Sales Outstanding Ratio, Days Debts Payments Outstanding Ratio
  • Top and Bottom companies according to financial indicators performance

Who can benefit from a client portfolio assessment?

The Client Portfolio Assessment is recommended for Sales, Marketing & Financial departments to adapt the commercial policies and to assess the potential Risk involved in the trading.


Visit the world of Business Information created for you by ICAP, and learn how it can contribute to the success of your business!

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