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ICAP Group one of the top 10 European enterprises
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Thursday, January 10, 2013


EUROPEAN BUSINESS OF THE YEAR: ICAP Group one of the 10 top enterprises (caterogy: € 26-150 million revenues)

ICAP Group, has received the Ruban d'Honneur award by the internationally recognized European Business Awards organization, and has now become 1 of the 10 top companies in Europe for 2012/13 in the category Business of the Year (with a turnover of € 26-150 million). This distinction of ICAP Group follows the recognition of our Group in the previous stage of the competition in November 2012, as "National Champion" in the category "Business of the Year".

A panel of experts constituted by academics, businessmen and top executives of Europe, selected the 100 (out of 200) most dynamic European companies that in the previous stage of the competition had been recognized as "National Champions". The process lasted two months and the 100 most dynamic companies were selected from 28 European countries in 10 categories.

The criteria for achieving this important for ICAP Group distinction, concern the essence of Entrepreneurship that is Business Achievements, Operational Dynamism, Strategic Focus and Business Ethics. The nomination of ICAP Group relied on the strong growth in the recent years, the increase in number of employees, the strategy it deployed in dealing with the global economic crisis, the innovative practices in delivering its services – especially Business Information, its international partnerships and the Social Responsibility programs (for its People, for the Environment and the overall Society). All the above parameters have been positively evaluated and have led to this top distinction for ICAP Group.

The final stage of this renowned European competition includes business presentations in person, to be held in late February at Dusseldorf.  ICAP Group, is the only competing company from Greece in the category of companies with revenues of € 26-150 million, that will claim the highest European distinction of "European Company of the Year (European Business of the Year) 2012/13". The winners will be announced during a special ceremony in April 2013.

Nikitas Konstantellos, ICAP Group CEO, stated: "In ICAP Group we are proud that in the challenging European business environment we’re operating in, we are able to customize our services for the benefit of our customers while maintaining our business healthy. The multidisciplinary nature of our organization and our great growth both in Greece and SE Europe, constantly pose new challenges to which we respond with highly demanding effort and passion. This very important distinction, as one of the 10 companies that will compete for the title of "European Company of the Year" with a volume of € 26-150 million, gives us strength to continue to strive passionately for Business Excellence and Development.  Moreover, this international recognition honors our organization as a whole and for this reason I would like to sincerely thank all the employees of our Group, that constitute our great competitive advantage."

About the European Business Awards.
European Business Awards are the highest and most specialized Institution recognition of top players in Europe. Its purpose is to recognize and promote excellence, best practice and innovation in the European business community, in line with the general objectives of the European Union and all the stakeholders enterprises in all European countries.

For more information regarding the European Business Awards, you may visit: www.businessawardseurope.com

About ICAP Group

ICAP Group-with 1,300 employees - is the leading provider of Business Services in Greece. The Group has offices in 5 Greek cities, and maintains a strong presence in Southeastern Europe, with subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Cyprus. Following the acquisition in early 2007, by the SEEF Fund of Global Finance, the largest private equity firm in Southeast Europe, ICAP Group has evolved into a multidisciplinary organization providing a wide range of services and products which are grouped into 4 major categories: Credit Risk Services, Marketing Solutions, Management Consulting and People Solutions.


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