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Quality of Services

Cycle European aspires to boost customer satisfaction, but also of its workforce, by relentlessly organizing and improving the company internally.

We are proud that our high quality services have been awarded ISO 9001 accreditation by TUV, the internationally recognized standard for quality management.

We maintain the highest standards in all areas of our business and our relationship with both our Clients and their customers are conducted in a professional and ethical manner at all times.
The integrated perception of quality is particularly manifested in the company's management but also in all of its processes and it is a key parameter for the company's further growth and establishment in such a competitive environment.

The company's management believes firmly in:

  • Providing customers with high-quality services. 
  • Keeping personal data confidential and respecting the debtor's rights and individuality. 
  • Following the rules of fair practice and complying with the standards of proper conduct, worthy of Cycle's reputation and that of its customers.
  • Constantly improving the services it provides.

Cycle benefits:

  • ISO 9001:2008 accredited by TUV
  • Member of Board of Association for the Receivable Collection Management. 
  • Operator of Personal Data registered under the number 2381, according to the Law 677/2001.

IT Support

A major concern is the quality of services that we provide, a quality which ensures our leading position in the market by fulfilling the requirements for a secure, reliable and effective way of operating. A significant parameter in the secure and integrated provision of services is a modern and state-of-the-art IT Support. Cycle European has long understood the value and potential of using advanced IT systems.

Through the years, we have invested heavily into data management software and sophisticate IT systems. Our software has been developed and tailored to the needs of Debt Collection Agencies and Credit Control Departments and has the ability to manage accounts from inception to litigation on a fully automated basis, guaranteeing 5 levels of security for our clients' information.

For reporting purposes Cycle European uses Microsoft Report System in order to extract precise data from the CRM database for reporting and statistical purposes.

Cycle European operates a fully maintained digital telephony system with a blended dialler.


Cycle European fully covers your Receivables Management needs protecting your company’s liquidity. 

It’s time to trust the best in the field of doubtful claims!

Cycle European S.R.L

Global City Business Park
10 Bucuresti-Nord Road, Building O21, 4th floor
Voluntari, ILFOV - Romania
Tel: +40 21 201 60 90; Fax +40 21 201 60 99
e-mail: info@cycle.ro

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