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The services offered by Cycle European, the subsidiary of Cycle Credit, member of ICAP Group, cover your Receivables Management needs and enable you to rapidly and successfully collect any overdue debts, hence guaranteeing and increasing your company's cash flow.

Cycle Credit, in its native country Greece, enjoys a pioneering status in the debt collection business. It was founded in 1996, and during the past decade it strengthened its leading role on an expanding Greek market. Cycle Credit offers Consulting services and Receivables Management services in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia and employs more than 500 specialized and highly trained individuals.

Based on the strong experience of Cycle Credit S.A. (Greece) and its shareholders specialized in Receivables Management, Cycle European subsidiary started its activity in Romania in February 2005. Between 2005 and 2009 the company's main activity was B2C Collection, with clients from almost all the big Banking & Telecommunications Institutions in Romania. From 2010, a new separate Department was established in order to handle the B2B cases either for Banks (SBB) or Companies.

From the human and logistical resources point of view, Cycle European SRL counts over 260 employees with over 300 desktop work stations.

Cycle European offers an efficient Outsourcing integrated Collection Services consisting in Managing any Receivables either from Individuals (B2C) or from Companies (B2B) and refers to the whole procedure (from the moment the invoice is issued, the dispatch note is sent and until the debt collection).
Cycle European operates with professionalism, highly-qualified workforce and advanced technology within the designated legal framework. The methodology developed throughout the years of experience allows us to classify the factors and the conditions with respect to debtors and debts, and based on indicators, to handle each case and thus obtain the best possible results.

Confidentiality is directly linked to how we provide our services. Keeping our customers' personal data and information secure is fundamentally important to us. Confidentiality and professionalism are also vital when it comes to choosing our collaborators.

Aware of how sensitive the specific business activity is, Cycle European strictly abides by a Quality Management System and obeys explicit requirements on protecting personal data. Moreover, Cycle is a member of the leading Receivables Management Associations worldwide, hence ensuring its involvement in defining policies and their direct update according to international practices.

Our mission is "to always be innovative, respecting our integrity, to create cutting-edge technology and to have a highly-qualified and well-trained workforce, always relying on our long experience in the field of doubtful claims."

Our vision is "for all of us to be pioneers and leaders in our fields by remaining truthful and competitive."

Our values:

  • Customer oriented - high quality of communication and flexibility in the dialogue with the client. Cycle European bears all costs of collection process and fees are charged only for success.
  • Safety - we ensure maximum security and privacy to our customers through a complex computer system accompanied by a strict policy staff.
  • Confidentiality- Cycle European is an Operator of Personal Data registered under the number 2381, according to the Law 677/2001.
  • Professionalism - respect for the debtor by a fair manner of approach. Cycle European's high quality Debt Collection Services have been certified since 2009 with the Certificate of Guarantee of Quality of ISO 9001:2008, by TUV Austria.
  • Efficiency - through access to the most modern methods of collection, by dedicated teams with expertise in the field and specialized in debt collection services. We employ a team of full-time analysts and programmers and have created an IT department that can customize our services to meet any need of our clients.
  • Credibility- Cycle European is one of the top agencies in Romania and is a Member of the Board of AMCC - Association of Commercial Receivables Management.

Cycle European fully covers your Receivables Management needs protecting your company’s liquidity. 

It’s time to trust the best in the field of doubtful claims!

Cycle European S.R.L

Global City Business Park
10 Bucuresti-Nord Road, Building O21, 4th floor
Voluntari, ILFOV - Romania
Tel: +40 21 201 60 90; Fax +40 21 201 60 99
e-mail: info@cycle.ro

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