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ICAP Management Consulting designs Market Studies, based on the order of our clients and studies which are strictly confidential. Their structure is modified to the demands and the requirements of each client. As a rule they examine specific markets in detail, they estimate their size and thoroughly analyze their problems and prospects. Also, a market study represents an analysis of the reaction of the market to influences such as location, demand, extra-market economic events, etc.

Who can benefit from a Market Study?

ICAP Management Consulting designs Market Studies for the most important sectors of the economy, analyzing the trends and the developments in the economy, constituting a useful tool for making entrepreneurial decisions. They are widely used among business and by Government and other bodies, such as the banks, ministries, international organizations, etc

What is included in a Market Study?

  1. General Data / General Characteristics - Object and Scope. 
  2. Demand for the Products Examined / Factors influencing demand / Profiles of consumers
  3. Supply of the Products under study / Structure of the market/ Important enterprises producing, importing and wholesale supplying of the products / Information about the more significant enterprises / Growth in turnover of the more significant enterprises / Comparative financial data of the enterprises - financial analysis based on indexes.
  4. Market for the Products under Examination / Growth of domestic production / Analysis of external trade data / Import growth - Main countries of origin / Export growth - Main countries of destination / Market shares of the top enterprises / Distribution networks / Problems of the sector.
  5. Trends in the European Market 
  6. Conclusions

Our reliable information and analyses, as well as our innovative and proven methodologies, play a crucial role in the achievement of your business goals

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