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The completion of projects which result into structural changes in the operations of private companies or public institutions requires a meticulous organization and programming. ICAP has extensive experience in project management in both the public and the private sector. Moreover, it has developed extensive know-how in managing, organizing and evaluating programs and actions directly or indirectly linked to the European Union (CSF/NSRF). Our company is a pioneer in this field, and continues to be a key player in the provision of these services, not only in Greece but also in Southeastern Europe. ICAP Management Consulting Romania provides businesses with integrated services related to financing their investment plans by means of subsidized Programmes, rendering grants and incentives services for the identification and pursuit of subsidy opportunity for investments, through Structural Funds Operational Programmes and Public State Aid Schemes.

Our Services

  • Technical Support to Public Sector Organizations and Institutions which Implement European Union Co-financed Projects and Actions
  • Design of Management and Audit Systems
  • Audit of Final Beneficiaries and Projects
  • Evaluation of Programs and Initiatives
  • Program and Project Management
  • Development of Action Specialization Studies
  • Participation in the Execution of Projects co-financed by the European Union
  • Development Programs:
    • Drawing up a candidate's file for a specific project, accompanied by the respective techno-economic design (feasibility study) and submitting it to the relevant authority
    • Technical assistance (Project Management)


Our reliable information and analyses, as well as our innovative and proven methodologies, play a crucial role in the achievement of your business goals

Global City Business Park
10 Bucuresti-Nord Road, Building O21, 4th floor
Voluntari, ILFOV - Romania
Tel: +40 21 206 24 60
e-mail: mc@icap.ro
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