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Overview of the Romanian Companies with more than 25% British Shareholding
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  • 1,569 companies with more than 25% British Shareholding were analyzed.
  • The number of these companies shows an upward trend compared to previous years, growth being evident in financial amounts reported.
  • Categorizing British-owned companies by the size, they keep the market trend (90% are micro enterprises and only 0.4% large companies).
  • Also for British-owned companies, geographically, all macro-regions are dominated by small and micro companies.
  • 64% of British-owned companies are located in Muntenia, Bucuresti-Ilfov area being with the highest concentration (1,000 companies).
  • 17% of British-owned companies belong to the real estate sector and 15% operate in the “wholesale and retail trade; Repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles”. These involvements are in the “Professional, Scientific and Technical” and “Construction”, each with 13% and 11%, these 4 areas totaling 56% of the British-owned companies.
  • 32% of the turnover of British-owned companies comes from manufacturing. Companies in information and communication contributes with 19% to the turnover generated by the British-owned companies, followed by companies in “wholesale and retail trade; Repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles”.
  • Muntenia region’s companies have the highest contribution to the total turnover of the British-owned companies, with ~ 57%, while the East region is bringing a small contribution of only 5%.


  • Regarding the profitability, the medium sized companies recorded the best values in December 2015, followed by large companies with positive values.
  • 50% of companies recorded operating losses in December 2015.


Relationship with customers

  • At December 2015, British-owned companies, claim their receivables with an average of 125 days.
  • Large companies have the lowest duration of collection, signifying companies' ability to enforce their claims in a short time.
  • The value of the indicator increased for companies Micro reflect potential problems in credit control and debt collection.

Relationship with suppliers

  • British-owned companies pay their creditors, on average, over a period of 186 days in December 2015.
  • Based on averages, midsize companies have achieved the best performance for this indicator (125 days).
  • The less efficient are micro companies (with an average of 561 days), highlighting the difficulty of companies to pay their debts on time / lack of experience to negotiate a better payment period.

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